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About Us

Get to know the passionate people who bring your dream Greece vacations to life.

The Travel Agent Family

Meet Niko and Katerina, the father daughter duo behind We Know Greece!

As proud Greeks with years of experience in creating handcrafted journeys, they have extensive first-hand knowledge of the country and its hidden gems.

With Niko’s 37+ years of industry experience, Katerina’s young, new passion for travel, and their world-class international network of colleagues, they bring the best of established insider knowledge and an eagle eye on the latest travel trends!

They ensure that every trip is curated to lay the foundations for unforgettable memories. Their deep love for Greece and their commitment to sharing its beauty, history, and culture with others is at the heart of We Know Greece.

Let these authentic Greek travel experts guide you on your journey to experience the magic of Greece like never before.

Niko and Katerina Pourliakas

Crafting authentic Greek adventures

At We Know Greece, our goals revolve around offering our guests authentic, immersive, and unforgettable experiences.

Celebrating Greece’s Beauty and Diversity

Showcase the beauty and diversity of Greece, from its rich history and breathtaking landscapes to its vibrant culture and warm hospitality

Sharing Passion and Knowledge

We share our extensive knowledge and passion for Greece, ensuring our guests gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of this magnificent country.

Creating Lasting Memories

We connect travelers with local communities, traditions, and customs, fostering genuine experiences that transcend typical tourist offerings and create lasting memories.